Mexican Bean and Vegetable Soup.
How to make albondigas or Mexican meatball soup. This soup is rich in flavor and can be suited to your specific taste by adding your favorite veggies. I like to change it up and I [More]
I LOVE this Mexican chicken soup. A LOT! This recipe makes a big pot of savory, fresh, addicting Mexican chicken soup full of fresh veggies, chicken, rice, broth and lots of cilantro. It comes together [More]
Quick Posole Chicken Pozole Recipe: The secret to this posole recipe is using Ancho chile powder. The flavor is more rustic and there is less heat than regular chile powder. You will find this Mexican [More]
For a printable version of this recipe: Watch April prepare simple Chicken Fajitas, just like you can get at Mexican restaurants. Now you can have that Mexican night at home healthier and just as delicious! [More]
Authentic Tex Mex Style Steak Fajitas: Watch Amanda of Tex Mex Eats in Cambrige, MA grill up some mouth-watering Steak Fajitas on the grill. Amanda’s roots are in Corpus Christi, Texas and this recipe is [More]
Mexican Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe: This is one of the easy and spicy Mexican chicken fajitas. Essentially Fajitas is most likely favorite for many of us. Especially foodies love this Chicken Fajitas recipe. Among all [More]
Fajita Marinade Recipe: Fajitas are easily one of the most popular Mexican recipes around. Chef Jason Hill of Chef Tips shows you how to make fajitas with an easy fajita marinade that’s great for either [More]
Tacos is a crispy and yummy Mexican dish which uses a variety of fillings, sauces, dips and veggies. Learn how to make it Jain style! Ingredients Required 1) Mexican Paste 3-4 Basil Leaves 3-4 chopped [More]
A Taco Truck favorite – Homemade Mexican-style Carnitas. Okay to use whole, untrimmed pork shoulder, but add a couple of hours of cooking time. And visit my cooking blog for recipe details. I also show [More]
Here’s the recipe: ingredients: 1 package of corn tortillas 1 small bell pepper diced up 1.5 lbs of chorizo unskinned 1 large yellow/golden potato cubed fiesta seasoning and/or adobo seasoning 1 small onion diced up [More]
I am going to show you how to make real authentic Mexican tacos. Making real authentic Mexican tacos is not difficult. They are one of the most delicious foods from the Mexican culture and one [More]
Tacos Travel into the heartlands of Mexico with hearty and satiating Tacos, one of the most famous dishes of that region. A crispy taco shell, loaded with wholesome rajma topping and tangy uncooked salsa is [More]
Authentic Homemade Enchilada Sauce Recipe.
Chicken Enchilada recipe: Real Mexican Enchiladas Soak boneless chicken in a bowl of salt water then rinse Season with 1 tbsp of salt, 1 tbs of pepper, 1 tbs of cumin, 1 tbs of chili [More]
Vegetable Fajitas Recipe video – Mexican Cuisine Recipes by Bhavna.