Beginners Guide to cooking Mexican Food

Beginners Guide to cooking Mexican Food :
Welcome back to the second installment of Cooking Home School! Come hang out with the brothers for an hour and you might just be able to host a taco party for your friend or family by the end of the video. And always remember, there is no right way to cook… get in the kitchen and give it a try!

Ingredients :
Skirt Steak
Crushed Garlic
Grated Ginger
Soy Sauce

– In a bowl combine skirt steak with crushed garlic, grated ginger, vinegar, lime, soy sauce, cilantro, honey, salt, and pepper. Let it marinate while you make the remaining dishes.

Corn Tortilla :

Masa (Ground Corn)

– In a bowl add masa, followed by oil. Add water a mix until the consistency is similar to wet sand. Adjust with more masa if too sticky, add water if it’s too dry and cracks. Let it sit for a few minutes. Break off pieces and roll into balls. Place between 2 sheets of saran rap or zip lock bags. Using a heavy pot or pan press until flat. Place in a pan over medium heat, flipping. Remove and stack tortillas to let them steam.

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