Suadero Todos Los Tacos Recipe

Suadero Todos Los Tacos Recipe :
In the first episode of Todos Los tacos, we toured the taquerias of Mexico City looking for the perfect moment to eat the chilanguís taco de Madero, between drinks and canteens, standing next to the fryer that smells delicious: fat, meat, sauce. Julio Martínez Ríos accompanied us on the tour with stops at two canteens.

We went to the King of the Swader, to Páramo, to the Paisa de la Escandón, to Los Cocuyos and to El Clutch -also known as “the taqueria de las limits” -, and we came to the conclusion that there is no “the best suadero”, because the sweat is, more than a taco, an emotion, a pleasure that ends in two bites.

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