Street Tacos – Cachete Beef Roast Slow Cooker Recipe

This Street Tacos recipe is dependent on the availability of the kind of Roast I like to use; Cocheta De Res. If you can find it in a major Super or Grocery Market it will most likely be with the Beef Tongue and the Ox Tail, because it’s Beef Cheek Meat. But, don’t let that intimidate you one bit. It is HANDS DOWN the best meat for street tacos, in my opinion. It’s a bit Gamier, which really helps set off the Mexican spices, and it the Crockpot really takes it to that next level of tenderness we all want in our beef and Street Tacos. Also, at the end of this video and in the links below, I’ve included my Chipotle Chicken recipe, for tacos and burritos, and my Enchilada/Chili Verde recipe. So definitely check both of those out!

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