Recipe: Mexican Swiss Enchiladas

Recipe: Mexican Swiss Enchiladas :
Mexican Cooks has for you the perfect recipe of the Swiss Enchiladas … When your guests try them, they will surely want to repeat!

8 green tomatoes
10 Miltomates
1 cilantro corsage
4 mountain chiles
3 garlic cloves
1/2 White onion
Chicken soup Salt and pepper
1 Chicken breast without skin and bone
1 Celery branch
1/2 White onion 1 clove garlic

Water c / s
Salt and pepper
2 T. Grated Manchego cheese
1 T. Ranch cream
15 Corn tortillas Oil c / s
Purple onion rings

1. Cook the chicken breast with garlic, onion, and celery. Reserve broth and breast aside to shred.
2. In the chicken stock cook the ingredients for the sauce, blend and return to a pot to sauté, season. Temper the cream and add to the sauce.
3. Pass the tortillas through oil, fill with the shredded chicken, place in a pan, bathe with sauce and add cheese on top.
4. With the lowest flame, cover and let au gratin.
5. Serve with more sauce and onion rings.

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