Recipe: Cerveza Modelo Carne Asada Chug

Recipe: Cerveza Modelo Carne Asada Chug :
PART 4 OF 4 Grillin’ N Swillin”: I show you my brand new Member’s Mark Traditional Barrel BBQ Grill Model Number #CG2036001-MM which I bought at Sam’s Club for about  + tax. I do a straight chug of Cerveza Modelo Especial 24oz (710ml) glass bottle of premium Mexican imported beer in 25 seconds with zero bitch foam label out. I then eat a Guerrero brand tortilla de maiz blanco with beef fajita & topped off with Pico de Gallo which is like a salsa that contains: Jalapeno’s, White Onion, Tomato, Cilantro & Lime.

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