Real Taco Recipe Mexican

Real Taco Recipe Mexican:

If you want to learn how to cook real tacos just like there made in Mexico I have the recipe. The quintessential part of any Mexican taco lies with the simple corn tortilla. My recipe was taught to me in the Mexican states of Sonora and Durango. Though this recipe is based on a simple street taco that you can find anywhere in Mexico. If you want to learn how to make a real Mexican taco this is the recipe. The preferred cut of Beef is Mexican Fajita or what we call flake steak. The meat is 1st marinated and must be grilled over live charcoal. To create a true mexicana taco the meat must be cooked well done. Remove your fajita beef from after it is fully cooked. Take your beef and cut it into thin slices. On a plate layout two corn tortillas add the chopped grilled beef to the tortillas. Add Mexican Pico de Gallo, Manchego Cheese and Mexican Guacamole. Traveling through the Sierra Modrays would not be advised at the current time they sure do make some real good tacos.

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