Beef Mexican recipes: 2 pounds of chuck roast with excess fat removed and cut into chunks. Veggies 1/2 large onion diced 2 roma tomatoes diced 2 jalapeno peppers finely diced 4 cloves garlic minced Spices [More]
Mexican Beef Stew Birria Mexican food.
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Tacos de canasta recipe: Pati is making Tacs de Canasta (aka “basket tacos,” aka “sweaty tacos”) for Taco Night.
Tacos de canasta recipe: Estos tacos de canasta o tacos sudados, se venden típicamente en las esquinas de las calles de la ciudad de México. Los ofrecen muchachos que andan en bicicleta con sus canastas. [More]
Tacos de canasta recipe: preparate para disfrutar de unos sabrosos tacos al vapor o de canasta.
Come join me on the streets of Mexico City where I try Tacos de Canasta. Canasta means basket in Spanish – these ‘steamed’ tacos are literally served from a picnic basket!
Tacos de canasta recipe: INGREDIENTES PARA EL ADOBO: 4 Chiles Guajillo 4 Dientes de Ajo 1 Cebolla Blanca 1 Cucharada de Sal de grano (sal entera) El procedimiento lo encuentras en el video. INGREDIENTES PARA [More]
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Create delicious Mexican street tacos with Marcela Valladolid Ready-to-Cook Meats and Tortillas.
How to make authentic Mexican tacos: WATCHING THIS WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY!! Having a great breakfast Mexican style with some street tacos. Delicious and super cheap treat. An explosion of flavor!! highly recommended.
How to make authentic Mexican tacos: It’s TACO TUESDAY! How to cook authentic Mexican rice, salsa, and carne asada tacos. The salsa: 4 tomatillos 2 jalapenos salt The rice: 2 cups dry rice 2 roma [More]
Authentic Street Tacos with our Latin/Hispanic Specialist, Mario Gomez.