Molcajete Caliente Mexican Food at Los Sifones

Molcajete Caliente Mexican Food at Los Sifones :
Los Sifones Restaurant is a neighborhood Mexican food restaurant in Mexico City that has a great family atmosphere. When I saw a few photos of the molcajete Caliente, a flaming stone mortar of salsa and meat, I knew it was a place I need to eat.

We drove from central Mexico City and arrived at the friendly family style restaurant. I ordered molcajete Caliente de bistec and some carne asada tacos loaded with avocado. For the molcajete Caliente, they put it on the hot plate, added the beef, onions, salsa until it boiled, cheese, avocado, and cactus. They serve it to you flaming hot – literally lava salsa. It was every bit as good as it looked, and it remained hot for our entire meal.

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