Mexican Style Fish Soup Recipe

Mexican Style Fish Soup Recipe :

I go bowfishing for Tilapia for a Catch and Cook video. I got this Tilapia Recipe from my Grandma. Its a Mexican Style Fish Soup Recipe that turns out delicious. I hope you enjoy this Catch n Cook. Thanks for Watching and I’ll See You Outdoors!


Tomatoes x2
Potatoes x2
Garlic clove x4
Celery stick x2
Jalapeno x2
Onion x1
Cilantro x1
Salt x2 Tbsp
Pepper x1 Tbsp
V8 x1
Tomato Sauce x1
Sazon Goya x3 Packs

Sin City Outdoors Equipment used:
Infinite Edge Bow
AMS Bowfishing Kit
Tracker Grizzley 2072 boat
90 HP Mercury Motor
SA Fishing Face Shields

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