Mexican Recipes: How to Make Authentic Pico de Gallo :
Nando, born in Mexico and raised in Texas, is no stranger to Pico De Gallo. When it comes to eating Mexican salsa, Nando has learned from the best Mexican cooks!

In this video, Nando shows you how to make authentic Mexican pico de gallo which is a common Mexican salsa used to add a little kick to whatever you’re eating–it doesn’t always have to be Mexican food!

It’s always best to shop fresh produce: tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and jalapeños. You’ll want either lemon or lime juice to give it that citrus punch. Eat pico de gallo with chips, or put some on your meal. It’s a relish that every Mexican knows and loves–and now, you can make it too!

There are several ways to add your own spin on pico — some people have put cucumber, some add pineapple to their salsa and others like it just plain. The choice is yours.

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