Make Taco Mexican like Domino’s at home!

Now everybody is excited to about the Mexican Menu introduced by Dominoes. This recipe is so easy to make that it’s unbelievable how much we spend in Domino’s so watch this recipe and surprise your loved ones by making this YUMMYLICIOUS Taco Mexicana and get many compliments that would boost your cooking skills.
This Recipe is presented to you by yummylicious to make recipes from fast food joints without any chemicals or flavor enhancers which turn out to be a lot healthier and amazing with your own twist of taste.

Following are the ingredient substitutes :

– Harissa Sauce: Chipotle Southwest dressing
( Harissa sauce is basically a combination of Fresno Chile Peppers, Habanero Peppers so you can use Chipotle Southwest dressing the taste won’t be exact but surely it would be so close )

– Corn Mean – Rice flour
( To add Crunch )

– Red kidney beans patties could be replaced by any of your favorite veg or non-veg patties.

Taco Shell is made from Malabar Paratha or Kerala Paratha by Domino’s so I have used the same to give a layered effect. Baking can make it very crispy and simply delicious.
It could be replaced by any Tortilla and grilled.

You could add any twist to this recipe as per your taste but I prepared the exact version.

Please watch the recipe and enjoy this fast food recipe and serve it with love and without additional flavor enhancers or chemicals.

I hope you liked the recipe so please comment below your reviews as I would be glad to hear from you. Also, comment on which secret or copycat recipe would you like me to present for you.

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