How To Make My Taco Soup Recipe – Caramelized Onion

How To Make My Taco Soup Recipe:

My Taco Soup Recipe is delicious and easy. Caramelize your onion and garlic for amazingly rich flavor.

This recipe is so delicious that I make it at least twice a month for my family’s dinner. It’s easy to make and had you out of the kitchen in no time. It’s also gluten free. Make sure to read labels.

I like to garnish it up with grated mild cheddar cheese, sour cream, avocado and corn chips. Trader Joe’s has a delicious organic corn chip I just love this recipe.

I make this dish as healthy as I can by using 100% grass fed beef, organic frozen corn, and my very own taco seasoning. The video for the taco seasoning can be found.

To make this outstanding my recommendation is to caramelize your onions for at least 35 minutes. It brings out the amazing flavor. In fact, I’m thinking about using 2 onions next time I make this.

Remember how much the onion cooked down in the video? A little bit more onion would make it even better.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Try the recipe and leave me a comment.

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