Fast and Easy Restaurant Style Fajita Recipe

Fast and Easy Restaurant Style Fajita Recipe :
The term fajitas refer to skirts because skirt steak is the traditional cut of beef to use for making this iconic Tex-Mex dish. I have also seen decent fajitas made from flank steak, but having done both my preference is to use skirt steak if I can find it.

Fajitas are very much a restaurant dish. This is not the kind of cooking you would find in most Mexican homes. As such, the preparation method is as uniquely American as the thing itself. Resist the urge to add too many flavors; this is all about enhancing the skirt steak, which only needs a little help to be exceptionally delicious.

Typically, there are a number of side dishes which go with fajitas in a restaurant: sour cream, refried beans, guacamole, and salsa or pico de gallo are the most common. Spanish rice can also be nice; using rice in your fajitas will make them awfully similar to burritos, another mainly north-of-the-border dish.

Makes enough for 4 people, roughly 3 fajitas per person plus a little extra.

1 charcoal (or propane) grill
1 pair of tongs for handling food
1 cast iron pan
1 large mixing bowl for marinating meat
1 cutting board with the channel

2lb skirt steak (inside and outside are both fines)
1 clove garlic
2 Tbsp dark soy sauce (light is fine)
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2ea onions sliced ½” thick
1-2ea poblano peppers (bell or other sweet peppers also ok)
4-8oz mushrooms sliced ¼” thick
12ea flour tortillas

1. Chop the garlic.
2. Combine garlic and sauces in the mixing bowl.
3. Place the meat in the marinade and turn it all around until it is coated.
4. Allow meat to sit in the marinade for up to 12 hours; 1 or 2 is generally sufficient.
5. Get vegetables ready while getting a fire going on the grill.
6. Grill the meat in large pieces over a hot fire, about 2 min per side, until seared and rare to medium rare.
7. Allow meat to rest about 5 minutes.
8. Meanwhile, get the cast iron skillet hot.
9. Tile the slices of onion into the bottom of the pan to get maximum contact.
10. Toss all the other vegetables in on top of the onion slices. Do not stir.
11. Allow the onion to sear while slicing the beef.
12. On your channeled cutting board, and starting with the thinnest pieces of meat, slice across the grain into strips.
13. Dump the strips and all the meat juices into the skillet with the veg. This step is crucial.
14. Stir the pan carefully as it will be very full.
15. Turn off the pan and serve with warm flour tortillas.

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