Enchiladas Suizas Recetas Una Pizca de Sabor

Enchiladas Suizas Recetas Una Pizca de Sabor :
Today I prepare some enchiladas suizas, this recipe I like a lot because I think they are easy to make while preparing the sauce, prepare the tortillas, get into the oven and they are ready.
I like to use Oaxaca cheese on top because it is one of the favorites in the house but you can choose the one of your preference, only that it melts because that makes them even richer, as I always recommend you try the chilies before using them. I did not get spicy.
Maybe more than 35 enchiladas came out with this recipe so if you are going to do less or more remember to increase or decrease the amount of the ingredients

1kg (2lb apriximandamente) of tomatillo
2 medium breasts undone 6 Serrano chiles
(not very spicy)
A piece of onion
Oaxaca cheese (quesillo) to taste
1 pack of 8 oz cream cheese (226 g)
Chicken broth
Tortillas required

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