Eating Traditional Mexican food 2018

Eating Traditional Mexican food 2018 :
Eating insects in Mexico? In this video, Dan of the New Travel and I, visit a restaurant called Tlacoyotitlan and try their Huarache Ancestral. A large corn tortilla filled with beans, topped with Chapulines (grasshoppers), Coaches (beetles), Gusano de Maguey (big worms), Chilaquiles (little worms), escamoles (ant larvae) and a tasty little scorpion on top.

Mexican street food, especially the typical ones are very delicious. This restaurant is famous for using organic corn straight from the farmers, and you can taste the difference. Their Mexican cuisine is the best food around.

Tlacoyotitlan is a restaurant in Colonia Santa Maria la Ribera in CDMX. In the center of this neighborhood, there is a beautiful Kiosko where locals usually dance in the afternoon. This amazing restaurant in Mexico City is right beside this plaza and has some of the best Garnachas (Mexican street food), and best insect dishes I have had in the city.

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