Delicious Mexican Enchiladas Vegan Recipe

Delicious Mexican Enchiladas Vegan Recipe :
I loooove Mexican food! I’ve always loved the flavors and spice of Mexican cooking. It’s one of my favorite genres of food. With this recipe I just wanted to find an easy and delicious way to make enchiladas, one of my favorite Mexican dishes, vegan. My vegan enchiladas are definitely not traditional, as they are stuffed with avocado instead of meats and dairy cheese. I’ll tell you what though, they taste just as delicious!

The enchilada sauce definitely stands out as a winner and might even become your staple Mexican red sauce for all of your south of the border inspired dishes. I love the earthy and spicy flavors of this sauce mixed with the smoky sweetness of the fire roasted red peppers. YUM! I’m salivating here as I write! Anyway, feel free to stuff these enchiladas with any other plant-based ingredient you want. The options are endless. However, I do prefer the cool creaminess of the avocado in this dish and I think you will too

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