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Today we are continuing on our budget friendly, bulk cooking journey with this super simple meal maker using Rick’s Woodsman’s chili! Chili taco salad. Inspired by Wendy’s taco salad. I worked at Wendy’s for a long time in high school and college and I love their taco salad, but we have raised the bar, added more veggies and homemade chili and we are going to share our way with you today! This is a great lunch or dinner and can easily be made on the fly with ingredients you have on hand and you can take this easily for lunch to work or school if you pack it just right! This is definitely a keeper, especially with the warmer summer months quickly approaching!

Taco salad is a favorite! Whether you make yours with taco meat or like we do with chili, everyone loves their own version! I have yet to meet a taco salad I didn’t like. Beef, chicken, shrimp, you name it, I love it this way or fajita style/ Chili taco salad is a great way to use up leftover chili. Especially if you are trying to stretch your dollar and your chili! You really only need a half cup per salad, ladled over a bed of lettuce, to make a lovely, substantial serving. I served mine with lots of veggies. cucumber dices, red pepper rings, onions, you could add jalapenos, olive slices or anything you love to put on a taco. We topped ours with some shredded cheddar and sour cream along with tortilla chips.

I know we love a taco salad in a taco bowl, but most of the time we end up not eating that tortilla bowls and tossing it. So what sense does that make? I love the chips because you can eat the salad like a dip or you can crunch them up and mix them in like a crouton! Everyone has their own idea of taco salad bliss, so you do you!

This will make meal number four so far using the chili. We ate it the night Rick made it, took a gallon for potluck supper at church and then packaged up the rest for the freezer. We had chili dogs and chili stuffed potatoes and now chili taco salad. I have more coming soon! You need to also remember that we will have 4 to 6 meals of just chili. We usually make a giant batch of chili twice a year. Sometimes I can it and sometimes I pop it in the freezer. We eat off of that 16 quarts for 6 months or so and so with that in mind, you can take that four meals and add on another 4 and we have 8. I have even more ideas, at least 2 more to tickle your fancy that I will be bringing you very soon. I can think of a bunch! So stay tuned for those.

I hope you are enjoying this chili meal makers series using our bulk cooking chili. We are hoping that you use this to think outside the box and discover the possibilities of bulk cooking in advance so you are never at a loss for something home cooked and delicious to serve your family.

I hope you give this chili taco salad a try and I hope you love it!

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