Making Tacos De Canasta Using Crockpot : Ingredients: Dried chiles guajillo/pasilla 1/2 cup oil 2 garlic cloves Warmed tortillas Fillings options: Requeson w/red sauce Egg w/green sauce Beans w/cheese Potato and chorizo Shredded spicy chicken [More]
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Tacos De Carne Deshebrada : Ingredientes: 1 kg ( 2 lb ) carne de res 15 chiles guajillo 1 cebolla 3 dientes de ajo 2 clavos de olor Aceite o manteca Sal al gusto Cebollitas [More]
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MUKBANG: DIY MEXICAN STREET TACOS IN 5 MINUTES How to make Mexican street tacos in 5 minutes using chilorio (seasoned shredded pork) package from chata. Also, you have to enjoy them with a delicious soda. [More]
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