Here you have another easy and delicious Mexican Recipe, I hope you like it!! Thanks for watching: Chilaquiles Ingredients: 1 – 2 lbs Corn Tortillas (cut into pieces) Red Chile Sauce Cooking Spray or Vegetable [More]
Hi everyone, today’s recipe is a Mexican dish called Entomatadas, it’s like an Enchilada but made with a Delicious Tomato sauce! It is really easy to make! I hope you all like it! Serves 4. [More]
Tomatillo Green Salsa Verde. Salsa Verde – Green Salsa recipe for a tangy and spicy authentic Mexican Salsa Verde. Fresh tomatillos, chilis, cilantro, and onion give rise to this classic green salsa verde of Mexican [More]
Mexican Roast Pork Leg – Pierna Mechada Recipe – Spicy Latina Mom
Traditional easy Childlessness Recipe, Mexican food easy recipe, It will be done in only 15 min.
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