5 Fast and Easy Mexican Food Recipes

5 Fast and Easy Mexican Food Recipes:

Hola amigos! I´m back with a special of 5 Mexican food recipes super fast and easy to make, they can be used as a snack perfect for a reunion with friends or family or for 5 DE MAYO! I made this video in September for two reasons:
1. September 16th is Mexico´s Independence day, so even though the big celebration in the U.S. happens on 5 de Mayo, in Mexico, we celebrate the independence day, curious info is we barely celebrate 5 de Mayo in Mexico, can you believe that?
2. September is the Hispanic heritage month in the U.S and I wanted to celebrate with some of my country´s favorites!

What do you think did you like them? Let me know in the comments and also if you would like more Mexican food recipes, what would you like to learn to cook?

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